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How to Order

If you would like to place an order, you can do so by completing our on-line purchase form. Upon completion, please contact us at Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. via phone, fax, email or regular mail at the following:

Tel: 519-852-7715

Payment Policy

Orders must come with a 50% deposit in order to secure spot in production queue. Payment arrangements are available on a case-to-case basis, but will require that deposit of at least 50% of your order total to secure your spot in line. Full cost must be paid by time order is ready to plus shipping costs in order for it to leave our factory.

Should this occur, you will not lose your spot in line, and you will be slotted in immediately after payment is completed.

Order Policy

Order Date (referring to ‘place' in production queue) is the date of complete payment. Our production schedule determines order based on order date, and no exceptions can/will be made to the schedule. In the interest of fairness,we must pre-emptively refuse requests to be ‘bumped'.

Please Note: Due to covid and other delays timelines will be delayed.

Our goal at Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. is to bring our lead times down as much as possible, and it is essential that we keep our production schedule as constant as possible to ensure that we can plan builds accordingly. Estimates provided will be based strictly on number of orders multiplied by days required to fulfill said orders. Please keep in mind that factors such as staffing, material availability and unforeseen circumstances can impact production times. It is our goal to be accurate to within 2 weeks with our estimates.

For the purposes of protecting sensitive business information, we cannot post a detailed schedule publicly; we can however give you a rough estimate of number of orders ahead of your own upon request.

When ordering with a credit card, the card will be billed within 2 weeks of your order being placed in order to secure your production slot.

Your designs should be the LAST thing you submit to us before we begin production. While we understand that you know what you want, we find that frequently customers begin to second-guess their choices after submitting them. We recommend having a general idea coming in, but take some time, think them through down to the last detail, and allow yourself some time to change your mind.

Your production slot is your time with our master builder, and you will get an opportunity to discuss your ideas, but these discussions can only take place during your production window with an expectation of a speedy response; otherwise, your discussion is taking time/focus away from someone else's production slot. Customer Service can handle inquiries related to schedule updates, requests for photos, etc. - please see Sections B.2 and B.3 for more information.

We're excited to build your gear, but sadly any time we spend chatting with you about your order is time we aren't building someone's gear. Know what you want, and we'll take care of the rest!

General Information

  2. All orders within North America will be shipped via Canada Post, Canpar, Fed-Ex, UPS or Purolator. Depending on how customer wishes.
  3. International shipping is done through a broker. Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery time. Tracking information will be provided as soon as we receive it.

Methods of Payment/Fees

  2. MONEY ORDER in CANADIAN FUNDS ONLY (goods shipped immediately after completion)
  3. CERTIFIED CHEQUE or BANK DRAFT (goods shipped immediately after completion)
  4. VISA / MASTER CARD: Charges to U.S. credit cards will be made in Canadian funds based on the exchange rate of the day the charge is made (goods shipped immediately after completion)


All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. bills in Canadian dollars - all refunds will be remitted in Canadian dollars; BCG assumes no responsibility for issues related to exchange rates.

A).0 Cancellations/Refunds

A.1 Cancellation Policy

Orders cancelled prior to beginning construction have a 50% refundable amount of the inital 50% deposit. The remaining balance will remain with Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. If the order is cancelled after work has begun and prior to shipping, 50% of the total order will be forfeited to Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. to cover our expenses on the products (material, labor); The 50% original deposit will not be returned to the customer.

A.2 Refunds

All refunds will be issued in CANADIAN FUNDS ONLY. While we are fortunate to have customers from around the world, currencies fluctuate, and this can affect the amount remitted at time of refund. We apologize, but Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. does not control currency fluctuations - all transactions are conducted in Canadian funds as we are a 100% Canadian company.

If you are not satisfied that your Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. gear meets standards as outlined for the product, we will fix or replace the equipment. We will offer refunds on any equipment with which you are unsatisfied, but we reserve the right to refuse refunds at our discretion.

Refunds will not be given on visibly used equipment.

B).0 Warranty

B.1 Warranty

All protective goalie equipment products ( GOAL PADS, GOAL GLOVES, GOAL CHEST & ARM AND GOAL PANTS) manufactured or distributed by Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. shall be warrantied to be free of any and all manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

In the event you have a claim under our warranty policy, please contact Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. by phone FIRST, accompanied by an email afterwards to recap the conversation, and provide photos/additional information as needed.

B.2 Warranty Does Not Apply

Any products found to have sustained damage through use other than that sustained during regular play will be ineligible. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of hockey goaltending, and will give the average user years of enjoyment if cared for properly.

Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. holds sole discretion regarding whether an item satisfies this requirement. Should it be determined item is ineligible, the customer will be provided an explanation as to why.

Any complaints not directed to Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. first (i.e. will void the warranty, and the products will be ineligible for replacement/refund. We take customer service seriously, and we take our reputation seriously. It is only fair we be given an opportunity to address an issue with a product we made.

Warranty only applies if customer still owns the product(s) in question. Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. holds no responsibility should an item no longer be possessed by the customer. Additionally, BCG only does repairs for the purpose of addressing a manufacturer's defect. If you purchased a Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. product secondhand, the condition is based on the use by the original owner - any repairs required should be directed to a local or online hockey repair shop.

Kenesky Manufacturing Inc. reserves right to void warranty at our discretion.

B.3 Return Policy

Our reputation as a quality company and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures our customers that they will be 100% satisfied with our products. Returns are very rare; when they do occur, they are almost always the result of poor communication or inaccurate information regarding the appropriate size of the equipment. PLEASE VERIFY ALL MEASUREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE SUBMITTING.

Please ensure that the equipment which you order is appropriate for your size and requirements. If you have any questions concerning the proper fit of your goal equipment, we are always available and eager to answer them for you. (To find the size of pad that's right for you, please check our page on selecting your new goal pads.)


Authorization for return must be given in writing from Kenesky Manufacturing Inc., before returning any goods for exchange. Our top quality manufacturing techniques ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently high, as each piece of gear is carefully inspected at numerous stages of the production process, which is done by our experienced pad builder.

Sorry, but we cannot offer refunds on uniquely customized equipment (any product that has been customized in either special graphics or unique modifications to the product design).