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Pop's Pro Vintage Series

A great trapper for the old school goaltender that is looking for that old school style glove, or the weekend warrior that wants the feel and performance of an 80’s style trapper but made from modern materials and lighter weight. Hand crafted with extra care to be the lightest old school trappers on the market for the serious goaltender wanting that old school look and feel. This vintage trapper is a modern version of the old leather glove but made with all modern foams. Still has the same cuff and back of hand protection as the old gloves but is made from Jenpro material and nylon and is assembled with modern high and low density foams.

Customize Yours

Old School = New School

This glove will perform just like the leather gloves from the 80’s but without the weight. The Vintage series trapper is perfect for the old timer that grew up in this style of glove and is looking for that old style feeling or for the modern goalie that wants something different from the modern style gloves of this time.

Customize Yours

Fully Customizable Trapper

The vintage series trapper can be fully cusotmizable from colours to straps. Some options include: leather or nylon wrist straps, solid cheater or thinner lace style, add in thumb wart and no charge option of name embroidered on glove. Our trapper is also available with skate lace pocket and will stay dryer then the traditional old leather gloves when in use.

All this is to increase your ability to do what you do best... stop rubber!

Customize Yours